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Super Cute, Fun & Easy Leg Warmers

Materials needed:
*H hook
*Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Coffee
*Coordinating buttons - I used 6, 3 on each legwarmer.  This could be cute with one button in each shell, going all the way down...  or even without buttons!  It's up to you!

Stitches Used:
DC=double crochet
SC=single crochet
Sl st=slip stitch

Ch 47
R1: DC in 3rd ch from hook and each ch across.  Ch 2, turn.
R2-22: DC in each stitch across.  Ch 2, turn.
R23: DC in each stitch across.  Turn work.
R24: 5 DC in 2nd stitch (shell).  *Skip 2 stitches, SC, Skip 1 stitch, 5 DC in stitch (shell).* Repeat *-* to end of last shell. (9 shells made).  Sl st in last stitch.  Tie off & weave in ends.

Repeat to make second leg warmer.

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