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Free Frog Beanie Pattern:  
We like to sew stuff, and especially frogs. So, when we designed our very own easy-to-sew frog beanie we decided to share it with you! The pattern is copyrighted by The Frog Store, and we hereby grant free use of the pattern for personal use. 
Here's a copy of the pattern in .jpg format. If you right-click on it and click "copy", you can make a copy of the image on your hard drive. Then import it into a graphics or word processing program, and enlarge it to cover an entire sheet of paper.
Have fun! If you'll send us a photo of your beanie, we'll post it on this page.

Sewing Directions:
Fabric Selection:  Beanies work well from thin flexible fabrics, like lycra knits or knitted velveteens or velours. Try some bright colorful fabrics, metallic finishes, or a contrasting back and belly. Slinky satins also make great bellies!

1) Cut out back and belly pieces from paper, and pin to fabric. Fold lines should lie along a fold of the fabric.

2) Cut fabric pieces on “cutting line”. This is the outer solid line. Do not cut the fold.

3) Fold along center line of darts on beanie back, and sew along outer dart lines on back side of fabric. (The darts are the triangular shapes that extend into the middle of the fabric piece.)

4) Pin beanie back to beanie front, wrong sides out, and sew along “sewing line” (3/8” seam). (This is the inner solid line around the edge of the pattern.) Leave an opening 1” wide between the back legs.

5) Clip seam allowance at corners, almost to sewing line. Turn the frog right-side out, through the opening.

6) Top-stitch the toes on all four feet, by stitching three lines about 1/2" long from the toes toward the wrist/ankle.

7) Add eyes right beside the tips of the darts. These can be sewn-on beads or buttons, or can be two-part domed eyes from a craft store.

8) Fill the beanie with plastic pellets, rice, beans, coarse sand, or birdseed. Leave enough loose space so the beanie is nice and floppy.

9) Sew up the opening by hand or by machine.

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