8 Şubat 2011 Salı

Baykuş Maskot

Gene baykuş :)
Tamam tamam bu son...
Yani sanırım :D

Yapımı içeride...

Sc-single crochet
Sc2tog-single crochet 2 together (decrease)
MM-Move stitch marker
FO-finish off or bind off

4mm Crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn in colors:
Brown and Green
12mm green cat doll eyes
Polyester stuffing material
Embroidery Needle

Finished Size:
Approx: 2” tall


Head: with brown Baş: Kahverengi ile

R1-Ch2, 6sc in 1st chain, mm
R2-2sc in each sc around (12scs) mm
R3-*2sc in first sc, 1sc in next, repeat from * around, mm
R4-*2sc in first sc, 1sc in next 2sc, repeat from * around, mm
R5-*2sc in first sc, 1sc in next 3sc, repeat from * around, mm
R6 thru 15-sc in each stitch around, mm
R16 & 17-sc2tog in each stitch around, FO
Attach eyes low on the face and wide-set
Stuff Firmly

Nose: with green Burun: Yeşil ile

Row 1-1sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch1, turn (1sc)
Row 2-2sc in stitch, ch1 turn (2sc)
Row 3-2sc in each stitch across, ch1 turn (4sc)
Row 4-*2sc in first sc, 1sc in next*, FO (6sc)
Stitch to face with top edge 1 row above the eyes

Wings: (make 2) with green Kanatlar: Yeşil ile

Ch5, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 2 ch, 4sc in last ch, rotate around to work in the back loops of the ch, sc across last 3 sc, FO
Stitch to the sides of the owl at a slight angle with the tip of the wings closer to the front of doll.

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